Yuri Martins Suffers Connection Issues, Stops at HU at GGWF Event 164-S, Wins $121,000

En route to a third title at the GGPoker World Awards, superstar Yuri Martins lost a heads-up match but won it all. While he finished second for $121,118 in Event 164-S: Thursday’s $10,300 Throw, defending champion Gavin Cochrane had $221,679 more to his bankroll.

Yuri faces a dilemma in his network early in the duel. He was absent multiple times, and on all of those occasions, Cochran showed sportsmanship and was absent.

Yuri then managed to turn the situation around, even leaving only 6 BBS to his opponent. Cochrane turned K♥10♥, made an all-in and got the call. With 10♥8♦, Yuri couldn’t find his out on the A ♥6♣2 ♦Q board.

It wasn’t long before the pair faced another pre-flop all-in. . exist. With K 8 ♦ against A 5 ♥, the Brazilian had no chance on the board, 8♥7♠A♥9♥Q♥ and doubled the Englishman again.

Cochran is now alone at the top, watching Yuri avoid elimination several times. During two of the games, the 9tales members found salvation on the river.

Not even “Ashes” could stop Yuri Cochrane from winning. In a 2♠2♥ vs. 8♠6♠ flip, he had to fumble on the edge of A♣6♥3♣6♣K♥ and landed by the wayside.


  • This text describes a poker match where Yuri Martins initially faced challenges but managed to turn the situation around. However, in the end, Yuri lost to Gavin Cochrane and was eliminated from the tournament.

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