Yaman Gives Serfe a Headache During Winamax Live Session (Episode 12)

Winamax just sent us a new The Second brings the Winamax Live Sessions chapter.

Grand Casino of Aranjuez is hosting a new episode of the French version of the high-stakes mythology series, a theme that has been around since poker first aired on television in the early 2000s very popular.

You can find shows like the first season of the series High Stakes Poker in our Winamax Live Sessions archive, revealing some of the player’s personalities growing up in front of the camera and in the most difficult situations. Audience favorites like Yaman Nakdali or Tom Bedell are once again part of the new list.

This episode showcases the widest possible range of hands, from the most classic setups to the weirdest live sessions, and it’s hard to beat, even if we wish the show had been edited for years.

Sergio Fernández and Yaman Nakdali used all the tricks of the poker manual and some not in the official version, betting and deciding without waiting for the next card, resulting in a completely unexpected The ending: Let the table comment on this tune for the rest of the episode.

To end the madness of this episode, Raúl Mestre and Manu Saavedra collect chips and make way for two new competitors: the very interesting Tom Bedell returns and one of our most experienced and versatile players, Vicente Delgado makes his debut.

The team stays where it is. Game 2:

  1. Yaman Nakdali: Aggression turns players into cash.
  2. Raúl Mestre: Spanish lobbyist and well-known strategist.
  3. Joao Vieira: The biggest teller and Season 1 winner in online tournament history.
  4. Adrián Mateos(Team Winamax): President of Spanish Poker.
  5. Vicent Boscá: PCA 2019 Finalist, Founding Partner of BeYourB and Online Tournament High Roller.
  6. Sergio Fernández: He hasn’t stopped attending music festivals, but now he’s making money with his camera.
  7. Manu Saavedra: One of the Nosebleds’ most feared players right now.
  8. Nabil Cardoso: Many consider him the best live cash player in the country. cover up the truth?

Winamax live games are subject to the following game rules:

Without further ado, everyone loves Winamax Live Sessions Season 2 Episode 11 on YouTube.


  • This text appears to be a promotional description or summary of a poker event or show hosted by Winamax. It mentions the participation of various well-known players, highlights the range of hands showcased, and also expresses a wish for the show to have been edited. Overall, the text seems to be positive about the episode and encourages viewers to watch it on YouTube.

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