WSOP: Ryan Garcia Loses Main Event, Reveals Star Player Invitation

WSOP: Boxing prodigy Ryan Garcia out on Day 4 of M...

Ryan Garcia is a boxing legend. The 24-year-old is considered one of the fastest fighters working today with a 23-1 record. “King Ry” is another poker enthusiast and one of the sports stars joining Sergio Aguero and Richard Seymour in the WSOP 2023 Main Event.

Garcia had a fair amount of wins in her $10,000 debut. Watch the exciting moments of the game. He’s topped the TV charts at least twice, and was alongside Andre Akari on Day 3. After losing most of his chips, the boxer’s journey ended in the penultimate level on day four.

The American said he was held back by over 1 set and about 15 big blinds when he moved all-in with A3 and TTed. 2019 runner-up Dario Sammartino. The elimination table is 8766J. Garcia finished 566th out of a historic field of 10,043 entrants and took home $32,500 in prize money.

at In an interview with Jeff Platt shortly after leaving, the boxer spoke about his WSOP debut. “I think it’s a great moment. I’ve always hoped to be able to play and make big strides in the first game, and it’s a dream come true,” Ryan said. “Of course I want to win, but what can I do, set after set… you’re going to lose,” he added, remembering the hand that blocked his journey.

“It gave me” I have a lot (desire to stay in the poker world) because I’ve never had a coach in my life. I never learned it. I just watch videos on YouTube, it’s my instinct. I think I would be better off if I had a trainer,” added the boxer, who said he had an offer from a poker player.

In an interview, Garcia recalled. Can’t remember his last name, but said he met “a guy named Faraz”. Jeff Pratt told him it was Faraz Jaka, and Ryan said he suggested being his teacher. The boxer Expressed interest in the offer, but said he is now, he is more focused on his next tournament, which will be in October. Poker has won a great player again.

WSOP: Boxing prodigy Ryan Garcia out on Day 4 of M...


  • This text highlights Ryan Garcia’s participation in the WSOP 2023 Main Event. Despite being a boxing legend, his poker skills were not enough to secure a victory, but he expressed interest in further developing his game with a potential offer from a poker player. Overall, it portrays Garcia’s enthusiasm for the poker world and his desire to improve.

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