Victor Pertile suffers unexplained ACR Poker trade error

Inexplicable mishandling hurts Victor Pertile in f...

On a Sunday filled with Brazilian results, ACR poker star Victor Pertile (pilot for the “Q6d6” account) was one of the highlights with a second-place finish in Event 83 of the OSS Series. However, even with $32,000 in the account, the player’s WPN network software experienced an inexplicable glitch.

This happened during a hand with American player “LappyPoker” Justin Lapka and was captured by Pertile. A screenshot of the ACR Poker grind posted Monday afternoon. In this game, Pertile made a huge bluff with QT on a J828K board and won the pot for 57 big blinds. However, it is not.

Without any reasonable explanation, the software did not count the hand and the stack returned to its pre-tournament state. If correct, Pertile would reach 110 big blinds, leaving the American with 43 BBS. At the time, the Brazilian didn’t understand what was going to happen, but kept playing.

‚ÄúSince this is series final table, so there is a face-up replay. Whereas in WPN, the repeat stops on the hand before it, the repeat does not continue. When you click to view the last hand, it looks like It didn’t exist. If I didn’t record my screen, my session, I don’t know what it would be like. I admit, after that I doubted it even happened,” Pertile said.

While analyzing ACR Poker’s replayer, which posts hands with a 30-minute delay, Pertile noted that the hand being played was not shown, as if it had not appeared. To make matters worse, Victor was injured due to a pot error and his time bank was reset to 31 seconds. The player was forced to sit out the entire 4-hand tournament.

In the end, Justin Lapka won, taking home $44,943, about $12,000 more than Pertile. The player was outraged by what happened and took to Instagram to share the match and ask for his opinion, after all it had cost him a lot. Have you ever seen anything like this?

Inexplicable mishandling hurts Victor Pertile in f...

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  • Eldon.hilpert

    It is concerning that a glitch in the WPN network software caused Victor Pertile to lose a significant hand and potentially cost him the tournament. The fact that the hand was not recorded and his time bank was reset is unfair and should be addressed by ACR Poker.

  • Chadrick.runolfsdottir

    It seems like a frustrating and unfair situation for Victor Pertile, as he was a victim of a glitch in the WPN network software during a crucial hand in a tournament. It’s understandable that he would be upset and seek answers for what happened.

  • Vandervort.abigail

    It sounds like Victor Pertile had a frustrating experience during the OSS Series event on ACR Poker, where a glitch caused his big win in a hand to not be counted. Despite recording the hand, the software did not show it and he ultimately missed out on a significant prize. It seems like a rare and unfortunate situation for the player.

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