Victor Pertile Beats $530 Bounty Builder High Roller Without Horsepower

Victor Pertile outlasts PokerStars to win $530 Bou...

Brazilian players achieved impressive results on PokerStars on Sunday (17th). The most notable of these was Victor Pertile from Santa Catarina who performed well and achieved good results.

The $530 Bounty Builder High Roller saw 334 participants, with “Per.v7” being the biggest participant winner of the night. The win earned him $36,696, while Alan Melo “allansheik” finished fifth in the same event for $7,248.

$1,050 Sunday High Roller The competition achieved another great result, and “fabio82329” stood out and became the champion of the field with 88 entries. The Brazilian earned $28,466 for the trophy; at the same event, Lucas “mennck” took home $8,799 after finishing fourth.

Finally, in the $109 Sunday Fenomeno event, Gabriel Tavares “gtavares10” put in a strong performance for Team Brazil, taking home the title after beating out 1,105 entrants. The victory earned him $18,031.


$530 Bounty Generator High Roller Victor Pertile” Per.v7” $1 $36,696 $1,050 Sunday High Roller “fabio82329” $1 $28,466 $109 USD Sunday Fenomeno Gabriel Tavares “gtavares10” 1st US$ 18,031 Mini EPT Prague 55 US$ Main Event – ​​H Marllon Pinto “marllonpinto” 3rd 17,222 $109 Sunday Warmup Thomas Garcia “TakeZITO1” 1st Place $12,153 Bounty Generator $44 Leonardo Ribas “GuaranaDolly” 1st Place $10,410 Bounty Generator $33 Gabriel Perez “Pigaoo” 1st Place $9,408 Bounty Generator $109 Leonardo Carlessi “TurnOnTuneIn” 1st place US$9,276 US$1,050 Sunday High Roller Lucas Menck “mennck” 4th place US$8,799 US$ 109 Sunday Cooldown “Originallyy” 2nd place US$8,861 US$ 109 Sunday Kickoff Felipe Badotti “fcb-serv” 1st Place US$8,826 US$22 Mini Sunday Sonics Camila Kons “|_CáKons_|” 1. US$7,906 US$530 Bounty Builder High Roller Allan Mello “allansheik” 5 . US$ 7,248 Bigger US$ 109 “Junior1980” 2. US$ 6,149 Mini EPT Prague US $ 55 Main Event-H “LUMBAGOFOREVER” 5. US$ 5,872 US$ 55 Mini Bounty Builder HR Kaio Camargo “kaiotex” 6. US $ 5,861 US$ 22 Mini Sunday Supersonic “Anderson RT2” 2. US$ 5,507 Bounty Builder 162 US $ Luis Gustavo “Lg#born2win” 1. US$ 5,153 US$ 1,050 Sunday Supersonic Pedro Padilha “PaDiLhA SP” 3. US$ 5,068 US$ 55 Mini Bounty Builder HR “Biter-PR” 7. US$ 5,035

Victor Pertile outlasts PokerStars to win $530 Bou...

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  • The text highlights the successful performance of Brazilian poker players on PokerStars on Sunday, with Victor Pertile being the biggest winner of the night, earning $36,696. Other Brazilian players such as Gabriel Tavares and fabio82329 also achieved impressive results, showcasing the skill and talent of Brazilian players in the poker world.

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    This text highlights the impressive achievements of Brazilian poker players on PokerStars, specifically mentioning Victor Pertile, Alan Melo, fabio82329, Lucas mennck, Gabriel Tavares, and other players who achieved notable results and earned significant cash prizes in different events. The success of these players showcases the talent and skill of Brazilian poker players in online tournaments.

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