Under-9 trade: The most unusual final table in recent years

Under-9 trade: The most unusual final table in rec...

In the lavish world of poker, where cards are often not the only surprise, the Main Event has become the star of a new edition of the unusual weekly Freak Fridays. Freak Fridays.

The main event of the Garden Winter Series took place a few days ago at Das Gardens Casino in California The entry fee was $995, and with 1,031 entries, its guaranteed prize money doubled to $1,025,845,000.

Something truly extraordinary happened, the final nine players decided to seal their fate through a deal that surprised everyone present. They called the tournament director, pulled out a calculator, looked at some numbers, and ultimately settled on ICM, earning anywhere from $48,000 to $98,000.

UPDATE: The final 9 were chip tallied and each received $43,000 to $98,000 ๐Ÿ’ฅ #ROI Thank you players ๐Ÿ™ https://t.co/VMYq9Tq70O

โ€” @CavinCasino (@cavincasino ) January 8, 2024

Instead of running to their last breath, these millers agreed to split the money, and that was it. They shook hands, agreed to take a group photo, and Xinli Ye, who had the largest share of the pot and the most chips, accepted the trophy.

You can see below the prize table and the huge jump in prize money between 10th and 9th place, who will definitely regret it. Trades between 29 players

But if you think the above news is a bit exaggerated, hereโ€™s what happened in late October 2023 at the Las VegasMGM Grand HotelWhat happened.

In a game called the Eighty-Man Invitational Tournament, the focus of the game is not the cards, but the transactions between 29 players! Yes, it wasn’t a mistake: 29 participants decided to split the remaining winnings equally.

The two players with the highest chip stacks each won $3,691. The rest of the bag? Not bad, as 27 players received $2,241 each.

The two celebrated in front of 29 players a few months ago.

The total prize pool of this event is USD 80,000, guaranteed to be shared, but there is one detail: you cannot participate directly. Participants must qualify by meeting rake requirements on the casino’s cash game tables.

The event averages 75 players, so approximately 40% of entrants receive prize money. In this case, grinders may wish to convert their rakebacks into cash rather than participate in tournament changes. This could explain the unusual decision to split profits.

Under-9 trade: The most unusual final table in rec...

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  • This text discusses two instances where poker players decided to split their winnings instead of playing to the end, which is considered unusual in the poker world. It highlights the significant amounts of money involved and suggests that some players may prefer to convert their rakebacks into cash rather than participating in tournaments.

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    This text discusses two instances in the poker world where players decided to split their winnings among themselves instead of competing until the end. It highlights the surprising nature of these decisions and the substantial amounts of money involved.

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