Sergio Aido will be live for the first time at the Cyprus Legends Poker Series 2023 today

Sergio Aido will be live for the first time at the...

The Triton Collection Back to Promise with Paul Phuas for back For the first time, the number of players on the tour topped 100.

The Merit Royal Diamond in Kyrenia, Cyprus now welcomes players from all over the world to play high-stakes, exciting tournament including Spaniard Sergio Aido battle celebration.

I am in Cyprus ⇨🇾 #TritonSeries

We played poker for 10 days.

– Sergio Aido (@petgaming) May 10, 2023

Petgaming invited to $200,000 Luxon Pay Invitational , which is just one of the events planned for 15, although it’s unlikely he won’t play two PLOs and three short decks

In fact, he was already sitting at his desk for the inaugural $25k LIVE Super Million$25k event; a table of Orpen Kisacikoglu, Barak Wisbrod, Dylan Linde and Unknown Enzo Vito, Roman Samoylov and Tobias Duthweiler.

Sergios’ opponents were not high-profile superstars, making the Table 9 the tastiest director of the festival’s live stream, live on YouTube and Twitch’s Triton series. I’m sure Pate wouldn’t single it out.

Tournament, The field consists of 59 players – player numbers do not yet reflect the actual size of the festival.

Many players still confirmed for the Luxon Pay Invitational, including Tony G, Patrik Antonius, Phil Ivey, Sean Winter, Mikita Badziakouski and other regulars on the track who will attend later in the afternoon or join in the future game. Adrian Mateos is second to none, he publicly offered to be in the festival and hasn’t said no since, so he’s going to compete.

With one of the most accurate broadcasts and tracking in the industry, you have access to a host of tools to see who is in the game or caught Sergio Aido on camera. sofa time

Sergio Aido will be live for the first time at the...


  • This text is a description of the Triton Collection poker tournament in Cyprus, highlighting the increase in player numbers and the participation of Spanish player Sergio Aido. It also mentions other players expected to join the tournament. The text provides details about the players at Sergio’s table and mentions the availability of live streams of the event. Overall, it seems to be a informative recap of the tournament.

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