Samuel Bernabéu Captures 16th WSOP Spanish Poker Bracelet

Samuel Bernabéu Captures 16th WSOP Spanish Poker B...

Samuel Bernabéu

The 2023 World Series of Poker is undoubtedly the pinnacle of poker in Spain.

To Double Ka Kwan Lau and Sergio Martinez in Event #57 $25,000 PLO High Roller Today will add a line with Samuel also winning in the tournament New bracelet signed by Bernabeu, Event #79 $2,500 NLHE, where the second Spanish finalist was Ramon Fernandez. Juan Marcellas has been the chip leader throughout the Main Event.

The shadow of the Main Event is long and thick. The 16th Spanish bracelet didn’t attract much attention until we saw Ramón Fernández and Samuel Bernabéu round out the top 10 on day 3 of the tournament , with only 25 survivors out of 2,068 players.

The reporters in the casino were all focused on the main event, and from a few glimpses around the corner where Event #79 was going on, Ramon seemed to be the only one arriving at the scene. At the final table, there was an 8bb battle between the two sides, but few arguments could divert attention from the main event shine.

Ramon’s double showed everyone that Samu was still there, wearing a hoodie and hat gift shop sweatshirt and sunglasses. Hidden away but made a lasting impression on the FT by eliminating the short stack.

Nothing will delay the moment to face the two Spaniards, maybe against Hu, but he will come anyway. Ramon (No. 7, $100,252) saw a clean hand on the button and used his worst range to steal and beat his compatriot on the SB with QQ.

We have two bad customers ahead of us. High roller Seth Davies started the day as a very good chip leader, but by then he was passed by a Bulgarian player who is well known in Spanish football. Zradine Penev.

The Spaniard beat off the Brazilian Diego Vaz with a dominant ace, while Davies disappeared breathlessly to catch up popular.

When the Bulgarian was in J95, Omero bluffed QT to make it 67. Neither was done, but Penev risked an air all-in on the river, hit our wider range of queens, and Samuel won the tournament by finding the call button.

Leading 4-1, Samuel was able to risk a flop to knock Penev out and not have to think about HU since he was dealt KK vs AQ, which paired him and James Anderson automatically before the flop.

Samuel Bernabéu Captures 16th WSOP Spanish Poker B...

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  • This text appears to be a summary or report on the 2023 World Series of Poker in Spain. It mentions the notable achievements of Samuel Bernabéu, Ramon Fernandez, and Juan Marcellas in various events, highlighting their performances in the tournament. The writer also mentions the dominance of the Main Event and the final table battle between the two Spaniards.

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    This text appears to be a recap of the 2023 World Series of Poker in Spain, focusing on the success of Samuel Bernabeu and his victory in Event #79. It also mentions Ramon Fernandez’s performance and the overshadowing of the Main Event.

  • This text describes an exciting poker tournament in Spain, with players like Samuel Bernabéu and Ramon Fernandez making impressive plays and winning bracelets. The competition was fierce, with notable moments like Bernabéu’s call on the river leading to his victory in the tournament.

  • This text is a detailed account of the 2023 World Series of Poker in Spain, highlighting the successes of players like Samuel Bernabéu and Ramon Fernandez. It demonstrates the intense competition and excitement of the tournament, with strategic gameplay and unexpected outcomes.

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