Quartet Stars Featured in FT of SCOOP Event #97-H

SCOOP The last Saturday of 2023 will be a busy day for Brazilian poker. Event #97-H ($5,200 Thursday Stimulus High Roller, Progressive KO) was played on Thursday but was canceled with the final table in place. Four Brazilian poker stars made the cut and are in contention for the big win.

The chip leader is Felipe Ketzer, who is far ahead. “Gaúcho” (from Rio Grande do Sul) has amassed a solid 8,356,243 chips. The player closest to “ketzerfelipe” in chips was Pedro Padilha. Samba team partner and account holder “PaDiLhA SP” came in second with a total of 5,597,728 chips.

Other Brazilian Dios are used to it This type of final table. Rodrigo Selouan (“SELOUAN1991”) is fifth with 4,229,110 chips, followed by Allan Mello (“Allan Sheik”) with 3,792,522 chips. Kayhan Mokri, Gergely Kulcsár, Francisco Benítez, Tomi Brouk and Marius Gierse will be up against the Brazilian at the final table.

Final results will be played at 13:30 CET on Saturday with blinds of 35,000 / 70,000. The nine finalists already have a prize pool of $11,437, but they will be looking to supplement the $71,484 regular championship prize pool and tournament prizes. Event #97-H has a field size of 155.

See full chip count:

1. – Felipe Ketzer “ketzerfelipe” (Brazil) – 8,356,243

2. – Pedro Padilha “PaDiLhA SP” (Brazil) – 5,597,728

3. – Gergely Kulcsár “Wildace_hun” (Hungary) – 4,985,176

4. – Kayhan Mokri “KayhanMok” (Norway) – 4,489,176

5. – Rodrigo Selouan “SELOUAN1991” (Brazil) – 4,229,110

6 – Allan Mello “allan sheik” (Brazil) – 3,792,522

7 – Francisco Benítez “Tomatee” (Uruguay) – 3,418,153

8. – Tomi Brouk “elmerixx” (Finland) – 1,969,229

9 – Marius Gierse “DEX888 ” (Germany) – 1,912,471

View Regular Prize Pool:

First Place – $71,484

Second Place – $71,484

Third Place – $50,627

Fourth Place – $38,122

Fifth Place – $29,613

6° – $23,002

Seventh Place – $17,868


  • This text provides information about a Brazilian poker tournament that was canceled but will resume on the last Saturday of 2023. It mentions the chip leaders and finalists, as well as the prize pool.

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