‘OliveiraAndr’ and ‘Kezin’ Win SCOOP

'OliveiraAndr' and 'Kezin' Win at SCOOP

The large number of entries in the SCOOP Low tournament is not a problem for the Brazilian. Event 91-L: $33 NL Hold’em (Progressive KO) attracted 7,605 participants and the podium was all green and yellow. The winner “OliveiraAndr” took home $21,946, while “piscininhalove” (2nd) and “ZuadoT8” (3rd) exited PokerStars for $14,992 and $8,594 respectively.

In Event 99-L: $33 No Limit Hold’em (6-Max, Turbo, Freezeout) “Kezin” won after beating 3,515 players. He won a total of $15,135.

The Brazilian also hastily decided on Event 99-M: $215 NL Hold’em (6-Max, Turbo, Freezeout). Bruno “brunojardas1” Jardim won the 3-handed event for $15,882. Allan “allan sheik” Mello finished fourth for $11,066.

Also at SCOOP, Felipe “FelipeAA23” Morelli finished 3rd out of 2,681 entries in the 100-M event: $109 NL Hold’em ( 7 -Max, Turbo, PKO), The feat netted the professional $10,897.

'OliveiraAndr' and 'Kezin' Win at SCOOP

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