Monaguillo97 wins online double on PokerStars

Monaguillo97 wins online double on PokerStars

Monaguillo97 was named Monday’s PokerStars player of the day. He won the Online Double, which we now review. On the other hand, the last two events of SECOOP concluded yesterday on PokerStars. None of them ended in Spanish victory. SC 203 was won by Frenchman 621Milles (€18,193.48) and SC 206 ended with victory by Brazilian life5jitsu (€4,693.28). The festival awards prizes worth more than €9 million across the programme’s 210 events. SECOOP National Ranking

At the end of 210 games in the program, Spainwon theNational Ranking ahead of Portugal:

  • 1. Spain: 48 wins.
  • 2. Portugal: 47.
  • 3. France: 36.
  • 4. Brazil: 24.
  • 5. Ukraine: 16.
  • 6. Belarus: 9.
  • 7. Kazakhstan: 7.
  • 8. Argentina: 4.
  • 9. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Moldova: 2.
  • 15. Andorra, Hungary, Mexico, Peru, Thailand, Uruguay and Vietnam: 1.

After the end of SECOOP and the new MTT series in the space, Medium Risk Madness ( With guaranteed prize money of more than 3 million euros), it seems that regular tournaments are becoming more important again. There are also four Spanish players who shine in it.

nanasop, juanspin&go and viiictoor5, Spanish major tournament champions

There are six regular MTT tournaments with prizes over €10,000; three of them ended in victory for the Spanish:

nanasop Won the €10 Bounty Generator (€1,253.17).

juanspin&go won the €50 Big Bang (€1,825.44).

viiictoor5 won the €10 Bounty Night (€2,054.89).

Monaguillo97 wins online double on PokerStars

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  • Tillman.davion

    This text provides updates on recent events and achievements in the world of online poker, specifically on the PokerStars platform. It highlights the success of various players from different countries and mentions the popularity of regular tournaments.

  • This text discusses the recent achievements and rankings of players in the SECOOP online poker tournament on PokerStars. It highlights the success of Monaguillo97 as the player of the day and mentions the victories of players from France and Brazil. The text also mentions Spain’s dominance in the tournament and the success of Spanish players in regular MTT tournaments with high prize amounts.

  • This text provides information about recent events and tournaments in the world of online poker, highlighting the achievements of players from different countries. It also mentions the upcoming Medium Risk Madness series and the success of Spanish players in recent regular MTT tournaments.

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