MIT offers free poker lessons to everyone

MIT offers free poker lessons to everyone

MIT has announced that it will offer two poker courses as part of MIT’s Open Learning Initiative, and these courseswill be open to everyone, even if they are not enrolled at famous universities, and it’s all free. Anyone who wants to improve their skills and learn more about the game can now do so online through one of the nation’s leading institutions.

Course options this year include “Poker Theory and Analysis” and “How to Win at Texas Hold’em.”

MIT has been providing poker theory and analysis for years, taking students beyond the poker table. The course focuses on some key elements of the game and combines these skills related to investment management and trading.

In addition, How to Improve Poker Skills and Tournament Strategy students will also “develop the fundamentals of decision-making” during the game, the syllabus states. “Homework” also includes participating in tournaments.

“I played poker professionally for several years while studying finance at Villanova University,” says instructor Kevin Desmond. “I chose to join Morgan Stanley as a trader rather than pursue poker as a career. My transition into trading was very smooth due to my poker experience and interest in game theory concepts. I hope the same goes for MIT students opportunity.”

MIT also teaches poker.

How to Win at Texas Hold’em ” is taught by economics professor Will Ma, who has won a total of over $680,000 in live tournaments. Part of the course includes understanding the math behind the game, preflop ranges, variance, and more. Students are also encouraged to participate in online poker leagues.

Since 2012, MIT on-campus students have also had their own poker club.

MIT offers free poker lessons to everyone

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  • Reinger.jaron

    I think it’s great that MIT is offering these poker courses to everyone for free, as it provides an opportunity for people to improve their skills and learn from a prestigious institution. The fact that the courses also incorporate investment management and decision-making skills makes it even more valuable.

  • I think it’s great that MIT is offering poker courses as part of its Open Learning Initiative, making them accessible to everyone and for free. It’s interesting how they incorporate elements of investment management and game theory concepts into the courses, and it’s impressive that instructors have real-life poker experience.

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