Mateus Carrión, João Simão and Henrique Zanetti have entered day three of the WPT World Championship

Mateus Carrión, João Simão and Henrique Zanetti ha...

At the end of day two, Mateus Carrión is one step closer to becoming WPT World Champion. Across five 90-minute levels, the Metagame Brasil founder collected 2,615,000 chips to place second out of 480 qualifiers. At the bottom is Italian Alessandro Siena with 3,035,000 chips.

João Simão and Henrique Zanetti are also above the championship average of 798,958. Back at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas, they will have 1,515,000 and 1,025,000 chips at their disposal respectively.

The long journey on the second day ended with the bursting of the bubble. Jans Arends was one of the smaller players and he avoided elimination with the help of this deck. He defeated Huck Seed’s ACheckBus with A♠J♠ and found a flush on the board 9♦8♠6♠4♣2♠.

Hit a pair of aces in the same turn as Maryline Valente put everyone in the room in the money. Here’s what happened:

With blinds of 10,000/15,000, Tyler Hirschfeld pretended to go all-in and was called by Valente. When the flop came J♥4♥4♠, the American placed his chips in the middle of the table and the Frenchwoman called again. Against A♥A against J♣J♠, Hirschfeld was unhelpful on the turn 7 and river 10, ultimately falling by the wayside.

Mateus Carrión, João Simão and Henrique Zanetti ha...

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  • Carter.germaine

    This text provides an update on the progress of Mateus Carrión in the WPT World Championship tournament, mentioning his chip count and position. It also mentions the elimination of Tyler Hirschfeld from the tournament after a hand against Maryline Valente.

  • Clair.kuvalis

    This text provides an update on the progress of the WPT World Championship, highlighting Mateus Carrión’s advancement and the performance of other players. It also mentions a key hand where a player avoided elimination with a flush, leading to the bursting of the bubble and the elimination of Tyler Hirschfeld.

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