Latino blackjack dealer arrested for fraud

Blackjack dealer who worked in an online room in Connecticut allegedly defrauded his employer of $47,000 by rigging and memorizing a deck of cards and then betting on the outcome of the pass was arrested.

His name is Sebastian Echeverri, he’s Latino, lives in Norwalk, but his affiliation Undisclosed, 23, operates for Evolution, the parent company of DraftKings and FanDuel, which allows residents of the state to participate in live dealer casino games. The clerk was charged with grand larceny and first-degree racketeering after turning himself in to local police after learning he had received a warrant for his arrest.

Echeverri accused of making three Draftkings-owned accounts to place“unusually large” stakes on blackjack cards he himself dealt , including at least 26 different hands.

Sebastian Echeverry. Image provided by police.

Video evidence and other documents show that the dealer also “rigged blackjack hands to facilitate favorable online betting on multiple DraftKings accounts.” He was on duty,” state police said.

The Blackjack investigation

Echeverry’s arrestis the result of an investigation launched after suspicious activity was detected in one of Echeverri’s DraftKings accounts between July and December last year, which was reported to Consumer Affairs Ministry of Protection.

The state’s Organized Crime Investigative Task Force began investigating the alleged “fraud” after the company discovered that the account was accessed from “the same device that Echeverri used to log in.” Go to Evolution’s employee portal to view information such as his work schedule or schedule,” it said.

According to police, Echeverri admitted to controlling all three Draftking accounts and, according to

The Latino trader faced charges of theft and fraud and was released on $50,000 bond.


  • This text describes a blackjack dealer named Sebastian Echeverri who allegedly defrauded his employer of $47,000 by rigging a deck of cards and placing bets. He was arrested and charged with grand larceny and first-degree racketeering after turning himself in to the police.

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