Grinder Report: The Full Impact of Virtual Erasure

Grinder Report: The Full Impact of Virtual Erasure

On the final day, our grinder was once again in good form, making several final tables, making good runs, and even winning. The first week of the Legion series is going well.

The best Santiago santi.shrek Varela(cover image) won SCOOP 19-M and won $16,918. Grinder salamandryko also won the series, but in Event #14-L he Got $1,695.

FORT_JCCS Also famous, Bounty Generator 55 Priced at $3,969. In return, Omolinajr won the Mini Daily Supersonic for $1,094. Nearly doubling that was DraKoSPS, who was $44 in Bounty Hunter forty chips $5,420 for the place occupied by second place.

Meanwhile, CALLmeWithKKK in SCOOP Edition Big Finished 5th out of 109 and earned $5,470. Meanwhile, DiaDeLaSuerte finished 5th in the SCOOP Side Race for prize money for $3,215. .

Additional prize:

  • Acurakevin: 62-L $25 Mini 5th Tuesday Classic ($3,867).
  • buenaonda: 2nd Place Bounty Hunter Special $85.50 strong > ($2,918)
  • Fernando Martin: $55 fifty Chips ($2,338) No. 4
  • Hugo culocci CabaƱas:Bounty Hunter’s Deepstack Turbo $85.50 ($1,152) won fifth place
  • elenita7 : Fourth place Daily discount $50 ($1,199)

Grinder Report: The Full Impact of Virtual Erasure


  • Hermina.volkman

    This text provides an overview of the final day of the Legion series, highlighting various participants and their winnings in different events. Overall, it seems to depict a successful and rewarding week for many of the participants.

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