glp420 takes Hispanic win of the day at PokerStars Bounty Builder Week

Regular Tournament Bounty Builder Week takes place on Tuesday at PokerStars.

The Room of the Red Spade hosted 12tournaments with over €10,000 in prize money and €236,000 . One of them ended in victory for Spain.

glp420 won BBW-09: €10 Daily Opener for €2,820.46 [PKO, 8-Max ] .The competition had a total of 3,644 entries and a prize pool of 32,796 Euros.

With this victory, La Roja scored a total of 18victories yesterday. The standout player in the regular tournament was “dieguito55555“, who won the Online Doubles. Here are the Spanish winners:

The Spaniard scored 5doubles (marked with an asterisk in the list) and scored HU Our Team Balanced: 13 Win13 2nd Place.

These are the results of the Tuesdaytournament:

TodayThe Regular Tournament and Bounty Generator Week are once again in the spotlight at PokerStars. VGL, Spanish!

Responsible Play. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play online poker.


  • This text provides a brief summary of the Regular Tournament Bounty Builder Week at PokerStars, highlighting a victory for a Spanish player and showcasing the achievements of other Spanish winners. It also emphasizes responsible play and the age limit for online poker.

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