GGPoker World Festival Super Million$ Adrian Mateos (6th, $116,854) and MY1980 (5th, $151,141).

GGPoker World Festival Super Million$ Adrian Mateo...

Adrian Mateos

Many of us still think about it today. The final table of this week’s Super Million$ was finally decided, the tenth edition of the third season of the massive GGPoker World Festival.


Ottomar Lavda

had previously taken the lead from Wiktor Malinowski with the classiest flip, and after knocking out Adrian Mateos, he built up his chips to complete his sixth victory.

Host Jeff Gross and guest commentator Mike Jozoff were thrilling during the official livestream. Surprised by the outcome of this hand.

When Alberto Pérez “catof” commented on Twitch with Steve Enriquez At the time, it was hard to dissect what made Ottomar Ladva and Adrián Mateos’ ICM and historic roller skating tournament so iconic in high school’s nearly daily competition.

Suffice it to say, Amadi had good reason to call an all-in with AA on a board with 4 straights and 3 flushes, some of the obvious weights definitely outweighed or equaled the obvious handicap An ace of hearts flush draw, especially a hand folded heads up on the river, would still put him in third place on the board.

These are just some funny lines that show that this is a very high level competition and that there is another Spaniard “MY1980” one of the winners in the Championship Ranked among the chip leaders with the Hand Jump Award.

In a hand after Amadi’s exit, “MY1980” had 11 blinds left to open KQ, a hand that would haunt him for the remainder of the tournament. He folded once with the unopened button, as if sensing the danger of the two cards waiting for him in the blind, but then had no choice but to try to steal with them and ran into Ladva’s AQ.

The Latvian eliminated all short-stacked players, taking the tension out of the final. Andrii Novak needed three consecutive doubles to catch up. He made the most of the limited chances, but Radeva beat him at the Ukrainian’s best moment.

GGPoker World Festival Super Million$ Adrian Mateo...


  • This text seems to be discussing a poker tournament, specifically the final table of the Super Million$ event. It mentions notable players like Ottomar Lavda and Adrian Mateos and their performances during the game.

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