EPT: Pablo Brito and Hyper Turbo KO Freezeout €10,150

EPT Barcelona: Pablo Brito misses out on title, bu...

Brazil have begun the EPT Barcelona and have shown their commitment to winning the title in this tournament. The Spanish city already has a strong squad and the first big results are already showing. Kropmans won the mystery bounty on Monday. Yesterday, Tuesday, it was the turn of star player Pablo Brito, who performed brilliantly.

The Bahia pro was very close to the title at the start of the race, but fell and finished as Hyper runner-up. Turbo KO Freezeout, a buy-in tournament worth €10,150. Still, the 9Tales star celebrated a good comeback for his account with his performance.

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Pablo Brito competed in 21 events and ranked second, behind Atanas Malinov of Bulgaria. Despite finishing second, the Brazilian received the biggest prize of the tournament with €58,850 in prize money thanks to his performance. The winner received €45,250.

The star has taken advantage of the winnings received and is already looking forward to the €25,000 High Roller, which starts today and also features other Brazilians such as Felipe Keizer and Kelvin Cobb. Are there more results?

EPT Barcelona: Pablo Brito misses out on title, bu...

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  • Virginie.schultz

    This text discusses Brazil’s performance in the EPT Barcelona tournament, highlighting their commitment and strong squad. It mentions the success of players like Kropmans and Pablo Brito, who finished as the runner-up and received a significant prize. The text also mentions upcoming events, such as the €25,000 High Roller, featuring other Brazilian players.

  • This text highlights the success and commitment of the Brazilian team in the EPT Barcelona tournament, specifically mentioning the performances of Kropmans and star player Pablo Brito. Despite finishing second, Brito received the biggest prize of the tournament, and they are now looking forward to the €25,000 High Roller event.

  • This text highlights Brazil’s strong performance at the EPT Barcelona tournament, with players like Pablo Brito making an impressive comeback despite finishing as runner-up. The Brazilian players are showing their commitment to winning titles and are already looking forward to future events.

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