Dan Shak also rejects Daniel Negreanu’s PGT title

Dan Shak also rejects Daniel Negreanu's PGT title

Dan Shak earned his first Poker Grand Tour (PGT) by defeating Jeremy Ausmus in a heads-up match Championship Event #8 $10,200 High Bet Combo with $133,200 in prize money.

Shak wins with Started the final day with the smallest stack, but showed patience and skill in using his resources at a final table that featured familiar faces such as Participation, well used by Daniel Negreanu, Jerry Wong and Ausmus himself.

Daniel Negreanu has made two consecutive final tables in this series.

The chip leader at the start of the day was Negreanu, closely followed by Ausmus, while the three players with the lowest chip stacks were Walter Chambers Wong and Shak were both within a few blinds of each other. Within the position.

Although Wong started at a disadvantage, he advanced early to double Ausmus in a no-limit 2-7 draw to secure a double. However, Wong was eliminated after a few hands in the no-limit 5-card high round.

RealKidPoker was eliminated in third place in PGT Mixed Game Event #8: $10,200 High Bet Combo. His Q4o (in memory of @phil_hellmuth) couldn’t beat @jeremyausmus’ 97th. https://t.co/eujH1EXrnr pic.twitter.com/WYPCDssyUm

— PokerGO Tour (@PokerGOTour) March 7, 2024

Meanwhile, Chambers is also unable to Building on his high stack in the early stages, he was eliminated in fourth place in the no-limit 5-card high round, and after going all-in against Ausmus, he turned his 6 into 3 against Chambers of 10 points, earning a $40,700 bonus effort.

Despite entering as the chip leader, Negreanu was unable to find his rhythm and was eliminated in the No-Limit Hold’em round in third place as his Queen-4 met Ausmus 9 7.

Shak, on the other hand, managed to survive multiple all-in moves, sometimes with just one or two potentially winning cards. In No Limit 2-7 single draw,Shak managed to double by combining the only cards that could save him.

The final showdown continues between the fortresses of Shak and Ausmus, who even started out as a chip. However, Shak took the lead in the 2-7 no-limit single draw. Later, in the pot-limit Omaha Hi-Lo round, Ausmus flopped his remaining chips with double pair, but Shak managed to get a 9 on the river with the same pair to move up two pair, Earned the PGT Championship title and $133,200 in prize money.

PGT Mix – Big Bet Mix

Buy-in: $10,200

Entries: 37

Prize Pool:$370,000

Final Table

1. Dan Schake – $133,2002. Jeremy Ausmus – $88,8003. Daniel Negreanu – $55,5004° Walter Chambers – $40,7005° Jerry Wong – $29,600

Dan Shak also rejects Daniel Negreanu's PGT title

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  • This text describes Dan Shak’s success in winning the Poker Grand Tour Championship Event #8. Shak showed patience and skill in utilizing his resources to defeat Jeremy Ausmus and claim the $133,200 prize money. Daniel Negreanu, Jerry Wong, and other familiar faces also competed in the event.

  • I think the text is a detailed and informative recap of the PGT Championship Event #8. It highlights Dan Shak’s impressive victory over Jeremy Ausmus and the other notable poker players at the final table. Shak’s strategic play and ability to survive multiple all-in moves ultimately led to his success in earning the PGT Championship title and a significant cash prize.

  • I think the text provides a detailed and exciting recount of Dan Shak’s victory in the Poker Grand Tour Championship Event. It highlights his perseverance and skill in defeating tough competition like Jeremy Ausmus and Daniel Negreanu to claim the title and a significant prize.

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