‘CtrlAltShove’ and Max Alves Double Down on $54 Bounty Hunter Main Event

'CtrlAltShove' and Max Alves Double Down on $54 Bo...

Brazilian players battle for the title in the WSOP Summer Circuit MTT on GGPoker on Sunday the 16th. In the $54 Bounty Hunters Main Event, victory comes early after the heads-up play is over. While “CtrlAltShove” took home $42,133, runner-up Max “Mexsteal” Alves took home $32,464. A total of 14,081 entrants participated in the tournament.

“Duzao” took first place out of 1,418 entries in the $320 GGMasters Freeze Competition. He received a total of $43,692. A few minutes earlier, “Racachu” had won $14,294 for 3 points.

Meanwhile, “AUGUSTTOLAS” won a bronze medal at the GGMasters for $150, a feat that netted him $32,976.

Diego “Dihh21” Costa finished on the podium for $21,807 after winning the $1,500 Prix Summer Circuit HR in Beim.

Also on the site, Felipe “papaide2” Lobato gave a shout-out to the $77 Lucky Sevens Superstack Turbo, winning $18,133. See other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeWSOPC High Roller: $1,050 Bounty Hunter America HR”Akariee” 1. $17,931 WSOPC Series: $125 Sunday HUNDRED STACK “jipuno” 2. $17,693WSOPC Series: $250 Sunday Summer Classic “KeepControl” 3 $16,894 WSOPC Series: $250 Sunday SAVER Hyper Turbo “Thomas Hejda” 2nd $13,913 #10: Global Million Dollar Mini Main Event “Jeffszera” 7th $13,377 HR “LisFlower” 1st $11,866 WSOPC-Series : $32.10 Sunday Bounty Summer King “Dneher” 1. $11,263 $10,075

'CtrlAltShove' and Max Alves Double Down on $54 Bo...


  • This text highlights the achievements of Brazilian players in various WSOP tournaments on GGPoker. It showcases their winnings and positions in different events, showcasing their success and skills in the poker circuit.

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