CEP Barcelona has been crowned its first champion

CEP Barcelona has been crowned its first champion

CEP Barcelona is the first event of the 2024 season of the Spanish Poker Championship, at the Barcelona Casino which is booming with, in recent days, festivals The first champions were consecrated.

With a buy-in of €300, the Opening was responsible for the start of the tournament, which was worth over €100,000 and attracted 405 entrants (100 on Day 1A, 100 on Day 1B 142, Day 1C 163), and in the end the ItalianRaffaelle Sorrentino became the champion and received the grand prize of 20,000 euros.

♠️ Opening Ceremony – Day 2 Finals ♠️

We welcome the new Opening Ceremony Champion #CEPBarcelona


The Italian beat out 4️⃣0️⃣5️⃣ players in OPENING to add a new title to the long list he plans to expand this year… pic.twitter .com/4QSo9C8Ubd

— CEP Poker (@CEP_Poker) March 4, 2024

Next up is the Big Bounty, with 111 players participating , and paid the buy-in fee of €100. Eventually, the championLaxman Jethwani reached an agreement for ICM 3-Handed, agreeing to leave 10% of the prize money and trophy to the winner. Thus, the Indians collected 3,030.

⚔️ Big Bounty – @CEP_Poker ⚔️

We win! 🏆

Laxman Jethwani gets the second trophy shared in #CEPBarcelona after ICM sold for 3 and left 10% and the championship trophy.

Congratulations! 🎉

🏟 @CasinoBarcelona ♠️ @PokerStarsSpain pic.twitter.com/2zAI0AY0Ev

— CEP Poker (@CEP_Poker) March 3, 2024

Finally, another player opening this weekend at CEP Barcelona is Pedro Menor, who took advantage of a double opportunity among 40 players.

🔂Double opportunity🔂

Our first title of #CEPBarcelona 🏆


Pedro wins the tournament of a lifetime and takes home his first trophy 🏆 for #CEPBarcelona #YoSoyCEP @PokerStarsSpain pic.twitter.com/RPkVHsbtbV

– Barcelona Casino (@CasinoBarcelona) March 2, 2024

This is the continuation of the Barcelona CEP

Day 2 of the Mini CEP will take place on Monday, with 243 players taking part in the €230 tournament, with 42 players taking part, and the €1,100 high roller event kicking off, It’s all about getting started with the €500 buy-in Main Event.

CEP Barcelona has been crowned its first champion

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  • This text provides an overview of the 2024 season of the Spanish Poker Championship in Barcelona, highlighting the winners of various events such as the Opening, Big Bounty, and Double Opportunity tournaments. It showcases the diversity and competitiveness of the poker scene in Barcelona, with players from different countries and backgrounds participating and achieving success.

  • This text provides a detailed overview of the events and winners at CEP Barcelona, showcasing the excitement and success of the tournament. It highlights the diversity of players and nationalities participating in the different events, creating a vibrant atmosphere at the Barcelona Casino. Overall, it portrays a dynamic and engaging poker championship event.

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    The text provides a detailed overview of the recent CEP Barcelona event, highlighting the champions of different tournaments and the prize money they won. It also mentions the upcoming events in the series, such as the Mini CEP and the high roller event, creating excitement for poker fans.

  • The text describes the success of the 2024 season of the Spanish Poker Championship at the Barcelona Casino, with champions being crowned in various events with substantial prizes. It highlights the diverse participation and competition among players from different countries, adding excitement to the tournament.

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