Brazil suffers back-to-back losses in WSOP Online Mini Main Event FT

Brazil suffers back-to-back losses in WSOP Online...

In a tight final table, two Brazilian players suffered a crushing defeat in their battle for a bracelet in the WSOP Online Mini Main Event, being eliminated in less than an hour. Leandro Sousa was eliminated in the 6-a-side event, boosting his bankroll by $73,112. Bráulio Bianchetti, on the other hand, won $98,605 and finished fifth.

The two grinders confirmed their presence at the final table with less than 20 BBS. Even if they didn’t draw a big pot, they got three valuable raises. Bráulio, now isolated on the bottom, found 4♥4♣ and declared a 3-bet all-in with 4 BBS. Back in the action, Igor Kruzhalov called and showed K ФQ♠. The flop of 6♣J♣K♠ looked terrible for the Belo Horizonte player, but the river of 4♠ prevented his defeat.

At the same level, Leandro also went all-in preflop. With A♣Q against Tjarco Reitsma’s A♣4♥, he did not allow himself to be surprised by the advantage Q♠9♠2♥J♥K♣ and ensured survival.

But Leandro had no time to celebrate. On the next hand, he received K♠K♣ and declared a 4-bet all-in with 14 BBS. Ermo Kosk called and revealed A♣Q♣. Leandro had an 87% chance of doubling his stack on the 7♥9♥2♦ flop, but the Q♠ turn and Q ♦ river ended his journey.

The Zebras went wild further in the finals. . In a blind war, Bráulio defended the big hand and called Reitsma’s all-in, who held K♣7♣. With K ♦J Bráulio had the worst 10♠7♦9♠4♠5♥ on the board and was eliminated.

Brazilian tormentors Kosk and Reitsma were unable to stop Chinese rider Zhou Peng. He won the bracelet and $379,055 in stunning fashion.

Final result

1. Zhou Peng (China) $379,055

2. Tjarco Reitsma (Netherlands) $280,820

3. Ermo Kosk (Estonia) $208,166

4. Igor Kruzalov (Russia) $154,318

5. Bráulio Bianchetti (Brazil) $114,409

6. Leandro Sousa (Brazil) $84,830

7. Thomas Santerne (France) $62,908

8. Matthias Nachtigal (Germany) $46,660

9. Kungurtcev Artem (Russia) $34,618

Brazil suffers back-to-back losses in WSOP Online...

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  • The text describes the disappointing defeat of two Brazilian players in the WSOP Online Mini Main Event. Despite their efforts and small victories, they were ultimately eliminated early in the final table, with Leandro Sousa finishing in sixth place and Bráulio Bianchetti in fifth.

  • This text is a summary of the final table results of the WSOP Online Mini Main Event. It highlights the performances and eliminations of two Brazilian players, Leandro Sousa and Bráulio Bianchetti, who finished in sixth and fifth place, respectively. The ultimate winner of the event was Zhou Peng from China.

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    This text describes the performance of two Brazilian players at the final table of the WSOP Online Mini Main Event. Despite suffering quick eliminations, Leandro Sousa and Bráulio Bianchetti managed to earn significant cash prizes, with Bianchetti finishing in fifth place.

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