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The epic WPT World Championship is back

The epic WPT World Championship is back

There is no doubt that the historic World Poker TourWPT World Championship will return in 2024 at Wynn Las Vegas . But now the official date for one of the biggest events in poker history has been set. The series, now in its third year, is scheduled to take place at the luxury resort from December 3-20.

“We We are delighted to continue our partnership with the World Poker Tour for a third consecutive year,” said Ryan Beauregard, Managing Director of Wynn Poker Operations. “Over the next few months we will be working hard to put together a schedule of events that grinders around the world won’t want to miss.”

Dan Sepiol won the historic 2023 WPT World Championship and took home $5.3 million.

World Poker Tour Season XXII concludes with the third annual WPT World Championship. Although the full schedule has yet to be announced, major events such as the WPT Prime Championship and WPT World Championship are expected to return. Last December was a historic month not only for the World Poker Tour, but for the poker community as a whole. Wynn’s series attracted 33,712 entrants and grossed over $100 million.

These include the largest event, the $10,400 buy-in WPT World Championship, and the first $40 million U.S. guaranteed poker tournament. Dan Sepiol beat out 3,835 entrants to win $5.3 million and claim the title of one of the most memorable series in history.

But this is far from the only big game during the festival. For example, the WPT Prime tournament had a buy-in of $1,100, attracted a record 10,512 entrants, and had a prize pool of over $10 million. Calvin Anderson emerged as champion and took home nearly $1.4 million.

The $1,100 WPt Women’s Championship also saw results, won by Lisa Costello ($85,297), beating out 457 entries. This year’s series is expected to be just as big, if not bigger, and World Poker Tour CEO Adam Pliska is already excited.

“In a grand way” “We are proud to present the festive dates for the highly anticipated 2024 WPT World Championship,” said Pliska. “This tradition continues as we enter our third year with the incredible team at Wynn Las Vegas. So mark your calendars and get ready for another unforgettable December Prepare.”

The epic WPT World Championship is back

CEP Barcelona has been crowned its first champion

CEP Barcelona has been crowned its first champion

CEP Barcelona is the first event of the 2024 season of the Spanish Poker Championship, at the Barcelona Casino which is booming with, in recent days, festivals The first champions were consecrated.

With a buy-in of €300, the Opening was responsible for the start of the tournament, which was worth over €100,000 and attracted 405 entrants (100 on Day 1A, 100 on Day 1B 142, Day 1C 163), and in the end the ItalianRaffaelle Sorrentino became the champion and received the grand prize of 20,000 euros.

♠️ Opening Ceremony – Day 2 Finals ♠️

We welcome the new Opening Ceremony Champion #CEPBarcelona


The Italian beat out 4️⃣0️⃣5️⃣ players in OPENING to add a new title to the long list he plans to expand this year… pic.twitter .com/4QSo9C8Ubd

— CEP Poker (@CEP_Poker) March 4, 2024

Next up is the Big Bounty, with 111 players participating , and paid the buy-in fee of €100. Eventually, the championLaxman Jethwani reached an agreement for ICM 3-Handed, agreeing to leave 10% of the prize money and trophy to the winner. Thus, the Indians collected 3,030.

⚔️ Big Bounty – @CEP_Poker ⚔️

We win! 🏆

Laxman Jethwani gets the second trophy shared in #CEPBarcelona after ICM sold for 3 and left 10% and the championship trophy.

Congratulations! 🎉

🏟 @CasinoBarcelona ♠️ @PokerStarsSpain

— CEP Poker (@CEP_Poker) March 3, 2024

Finally, another player opening this weekend at CEP Barcelona is Pedro Menor, who took advantage of a double opportunity among 40 players.

🔂Double opportunity🔂

Our first title of #CEPBarcelona 🏆


Pedro wins the tournament of a lifetime and takes home his first trophy 🏆 for #CEPBarcelona #YoSoyCEP @PokerStarsSpain

– Barcelona Casino (@CasinoBarcelona) March 2, 2024

This is the continuation of the Barcelona CEP

Day 2 of the Mini CEP will take place on Monday, with 243 players taking part in the €230 tournament, with 42 players taking part, and the €1,100 high roller event kicking off, It’s all about getting started with the €500 buy-in Main Event.

CEP Barcelona has been crowned its first champion

Dan Shak also rejects Daniel Negreanu’s PGT title

Dan Shak also rejects Daniel Negreanu's PGT title

Dan Shak earned his first Poker Grand Tour (PGT) by defeating Jeremy Ausmus in a heads-up match Championship Event #8 $10,200 High Bet Combo with $133,200 in prize money.

Shak wins with Started the final day with the smallest stack, but showed patience and skill in using his resources at a final table that featured familiar faces such as Participation, well used by Daniel Negreanu, Jerry Wong and Ausmus himself.

Daniel Negreanu has made two consecutive final tables in this series.

The chip leader at the start of the day was Negreanu, closely followed by Ausmus, while the three players with the lowest chip stacks were Walter Chambers Wong and Shak were both within a few blinds of each other. Within the position.

Although Wong started at a disadvantage, he advanced early to double Ausmus in a no-limit 2-7 draw to secure a double. However, Wong was eliminated after a few hands in the no-limit 5-card high round.

RealKidPoker was eliminated in third place in PGT Mixed Game Event #8: $10,200 High Bet Combo. His Q4o (in memory of @phil_hellmuth) couldn’t beat @jeremyausmus’ 97th.

— PokerGO Tour (@PokerGOTour) March 7, 2024

Meanwhile, Chambers is also unable to Building on his high stack in the early stages, he was eliminated in fourth place in the no-limit 5-card high round, and after going all-in against Ausmus, he turned his 6 into 3 against Chambers of 10 points, earning a $40,700 bonus effort.

Despite entering as the chip leader, Negreanu was unable to find his rhythm and was eliminated in the No-Limit Hold’em round in third place as his Queen-4 met Ausmus 9 7.

Shak, on the other hand, managed to survive multiple all-in moves, sometimes with just one or two potentially winning cards. In No Limit 2-7 single draw,Shak managed to double by combining the only cards that could save him.

The final showdown continues between the fortresses of Shak and Ausmus, who even started out as a chip. However, Shak took the lead in the 2-7 no-limit single draw. Later, in the pot-limit Omaha Hi-Lo round, Ausmus flopped his remaining chips with double pair, but Shak managed to get a 9 on the river with the same pair to move up two pair, Earned the PGT Championship title and $133,200 in prize money.

PGT Mix – Big Bet Mix

Buy-in: $10,200

Entries: 37

Prize Pool:$370,000

Final Table

1. Dan Schake – $133,2002. Jeremy Ausmus – $88,8003. Daniel Negreanu – $55,5004° Walter Chambers – $40,7005° Jerry Wong – $29,600

Dan Shak also rejects Daniel Negreanu's PGT title

Santhosh Suvarna wins his first EPT title in Paris

Santosh Suvarna wins first EPT title in Paris

Without a doubt, this was a weekend that Santhosh Suvarna won’t soon forget. After two days of fierce competition, the player from India won the NLH championship of 25,000 euros, the last event of the festival. His pace in the game is very consistent. He finished the first day as the chip leader and never relinquished the lead before becoming champion.

Although Suvarna is not a professional poker player, but a businessman based in Dubai, this is not his first victory, It’s quite the opposite. Accustomed to playing in large, high-stakes events like the Triton Poker Series, he has amassed 15 six-figure prize pools and a total of $6,672,704 in live winnings.

But Suvarna didn’t just win in Paris, he was the one calling the action at the final table. He used his chip advantage to eliminate his opponents and move on to victory.

In the final heads-up match, he defeated Samuel Ju and achieved an almost perfect performance. In the final hand, Suvarna held on to the lead with 10 T – his opponent’s Q 9 failed.

EPT Paris – €25,000 NLH VI

Purchase-investment: 25,000 €

Entry amount: 43

Pot:1,011,360 €Final Table

1° Santhosh Suvarna – €348,8602. Samuel Ju – €227,6003° Jamil Wakil – €156,8004° Chris Brewer – €116,3005° Vyacheslav Burdykin – €91,0006° Sam Greenwood – €70,800

Santosh Suvarna wins first EPT title in Paris

Victor Pertile suffers unexplained ACR Poker trade error

Inexplicable mishandling hurts Victor Pertile in f...

On a Sunday filled with Brazilian results, ACR poker star Victor Pertile (pilot for the “Q6d6” account) was one of the highlights with a second-place finish in Event 83 of the OSS Series. However, even with $32,000 in the account, the player’s WPN network software experienced an inexplicable glitch.

This happened during a hand with American player “LappyPoker” Justin Lapka and was captured by Pertile. A screenshot of the ACR Poker grind posted Monday afternoon. In this game, Pertile made a huge bluff with QT on a J828K board and won the pot for 57 big blinds. However, it is not.

Without any reasonable explanation, the software did not count the hand and the stack returned to its pre-tournament state. If correct, Pertile would reach 110 big blinds, leaving the American with 43 BBS. At the time, the Brazilian didn’t understand what was going to happen, but kept playing.

“Since this is series final table, so there is a face-up replay. Whereas in WPN, the repeat stops on the hand before it, the repeat does not continue. When you click to view the last hand, it looks like It didn’t exist. If I didn’t record my screen, my session, I don’t know what it would be like. I admit, after that I doubted it even happened,” Pertile said.

While analyzing ACR Poker’s replayer, which posts hands with a 30-minute delay, Pertile noted that the hand being played was not shown, as if it had not appeared. To make matters worse, Victor was injured due to a pot error and his time bank was reset to 31 seconds. The player was forced to sit out the entire 4-hand tournament.

In the end, Justin Lapka won, taking home $44,943, about $12,000 more than Pertile. The player was outraged by what happened and took to Instagram to share the match and ask for his opinion, after all it had cost him a lot. Have you ever seen anything like this?

Inexplicable mishandling hurts Victor Pertile in f...

What is Rake in Poker: Collection and Distribution System

Poker Rake: Collection and Distribution Mechanism

Rake is the basis of all poker games. Each hand or tournament has a fixed price. It determines room and player income. This article explains how to collect rake in online poker.

Racked what?

No commission family game just for fun. Remember:

Players must pay a commission to the poker table organizer.

The cache requires a percentage of each pot, usually from the flop (the “no flop no flop” idea). Online commission is 5%.

Contest fees illustrate this point. Each buy-in pays between 3% and 10%, depending on the tournament format.

The cash table has a “capped” commission. The maximum commission for the pot. The more players there are at the table, the higher the limit.

For example, the blinds are $5/$10, the rake is 5%, the cap is $5, and each pot charges $5 for every $100 on top cost.

Commission distribution

The dealer tracks the scene Commission on competitions. Online automation.

But on the Internet, the main advantages are based on parts of the pot that are “tied” to the player: first deposit bonuses and loyalty systems, so what matters is how The rake is distributed among the players at the table.

The two main distribution networks are:

Direct. They only consider the number of players at the table/playing the hand/contributing to the pot.

Indirect. They are “add-ons” to the guidance system that change the commission distribution based on additional parameters (usually related to the player’s status in the space ecology) and make them available to “pour” beginners.

The “weighted contribution” method is the fairest and is therefore used by most current poker rooms.

Indirect Commission Allocation

《Essence》 It debuted on Ongame in 2010, and TVR debuted on Microgaming two years later. Both networks have since been shut down. Their “descendants” play online poker.

SBR divides the commission for each hand into two halves: the first half is distributed according to the player’s share of the pot, and the second part depends on the deposit or winnings of the trading participant.

Players cannot use this feature in RedStar, the main online room. Rebates include your weighted contribution commission.

Profit, rebate,

Player winnings are reduced as the institution receives its normal share of each winning pot. Therefore, reducing commissions increases profits.

The commission load should include the commission rate, maximum amount, and permanent incentives. The first is the real rebate.

Adjust your game to reduce commission losses (BB/100 hands):

Poker Rake: Collection and Distribution Mechanism

SharkOvitch wins Sunday surprise mystery, no worries about 2024 bill

SharkOvitch wins Sunday surprise mystery, no worri...

Yesterday, the start of the million-euro week focused attention onWinamax .fres. All Sunday, the first day of the Million Euro Championship was marked by a successful program in the French region, collecting a total of 41 tournamentswith prize money in the five figures, the figure is an impressive 1520,000 bonuses allocated .

SharkOvitch’s Sunday Surprise

The best competition is the Sunday SurpriseMystery £10, won by “SharkOvitch” with a cash prize £10,360. 08Also includes payment of all standard electricity, water and gas bills Champion must pay for one year.Other important tournaments

Four further tournaments brought prize money of more than €10,000 to the winners.

  • “JosephMangue” won the €200 Battle Royale (€23,073.29).
  • “1OTARIO” played the one-day version of the Main Event at and won 17,695.89 €.
  • “FadaPassiva5” conquered Prime Time and earned 17,412.01€.
  • “SURVIVOR13XX” won €22,948.50 5001 for his victory in the €250 High Roller.

SharkOvitch wins Sunday surprise mystery, no worri...

MIT offers free poker lessons to everyone

MIT offers free poker lessons to everyone

MIT has announced that it will offer two poker courses as part of MIT’s Open Learning Initiative, and these courseswill be open to everyone, even if they are not enrolled at famous universities, and it’s all free. Anyone who wants to improve their skills and learn more about the game can now do so online through one of the nation’s leading institutions.

Course options this year include “Poker Theory and Analysis” and “How to Win at Texas Hold’em.”

MIT has been providing poker theory and analysis for years, taking students beyond the poker table. The course focuses on some key elements of the game and combines these skills related to investment management and trading.

In addition, How to Improve Poker Skills and Tournament Strategy students will also “develop the fundamentals of decision-making” during the game, the syllabus states. “Homework” also includes participating in tournaments.

“I played poker professionally for several years while studying finance at Villanova University,” says instructor Kevin Desmond. “I chose to join Morgan Stanley as a trader rather than pursue poker as a career. My transition into trading was very smooth due to my poker experience and interest in game theory concepts. I hope the same goes for MIT students opportunity.”

MIT also teaches poker.

How to Win at Texas Hold’em ” is taught by economics professor Will Ma, who has won a total of over $680,000 in live tournaments. Part of the course includes understanding the math behind the game, preflop ranges, variance, and more. Students are also encouraged to participate in online poker leagues.

Since 2012, MIT on-campus students have also had their own poker club.

MIT offers free poker lessons to everyone

Under-9 trade: The most unusual final table in recent years

Under-9 trade: The most unusual final table in rec...

In the lavish world of poker, where cards are often not the only surprise, the Main Event has become the star of a new edition of the unusual weekly Freak Fridays. Freak Fridays.

The main event of the Garden Winter Series took place a few days ago at Das Gardens Casino in California The entry fee was $995, and with 1,031 entries, its guaranteed prize money doubled to $1,025,845,000.

Something truly extraordinary happened, the final nine players decided to seal their fate through a deal that surprised everyone present. They called the tournament director, pulled out a calculator, looked at some numbers, and ultimately settled on ICM, earning anywhere from $48,000 to $98,000.

UPDATE: The final 9 were chip tallied and each received $43,000 to $98,000 💥 #ROI Thank you players 🙏

— @CavinCasino (@cavincasino ) January 8, 2024

Instead of running to their last breath, these millers agreed to split the money, and that was it. They shook hands, agreed to take a group photo, and Xinli Ye, who had the largest share of the pot and the most chips, accepted the trophy.

You can see below the prize table and the huge jump in prize money between 10th and 9th place, who will definitely regret it. Trades between 29 players

But if you think the above news is a bit exaggerated, here’s what happened in late October 2023 at the Las VegasMGM Grand HotelWhat happened.

In a game called the Eighty-Man Invitational Tournament, the focus of the game is not the cards, but the transactions between 29 players! Yes, it wasn’t a mistake: 29 participants decided to split the remaining winnings equally.

The two players with the highest chip stacks each won $3,691. The rest of the bag? Not bad, as 27 players received $2,241 each.

The two celebrated in front of 29 players a few months ago.

The total prize pool of this event is USD 80,000, guaranteed to be shared, but there is one detail: you cannot participate directly. Participants must qualify by meeting rake requirements on the casino’s cash game tables.

The event averages 75 players, so approximately 40% of entrants receive prize money. In this case, grinders may wish to convert their rakebacks into cash rather than participate in tournament changes. This could explain the unusual decision to split profits.

Under-9 trade: The most unusual final table in rec...

Mateus Carrión, João Simão and Henrique Zanetti have entered day three of the WPT World Championship

Mateus Carrión, João Simão and Henrique Zanetti ha...

At the end of day two, Mateus Carrión is one step closer to becoming WPT World Champion. Across five 90-minute levels, the Metagame Brasil founder collected 2,615,000 chips to place second out of 480 qualifiers. At the bottom is Italian Alessandro Siena with 3,035,000 chips.

João Simão and Henrique Zanetti are also above the championship average of 798,958. Back at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas, they will have 1,515,000 and 1,025,000 chips at their disposal respectively.

The long journey on the second day ended with the bursting of the bubble. Jans Arends was one of the smaller players and he avoided elimination with the help of this deck. He defeated Huck Seed’s ACheckBus with A♠J♠ and found a flush on the board 9♦8♠6♠4♣2♠.

Hit a pair of aces in the same turn as Maryline Valente put everyone in the room in the money. Here’s what happened:

With blinds of 10,000/15,000, Tyler Hirschfeld pretended to go all-in and was called by Valente. When the flop came J♥4♥4♠, the American placed his chips in the middle of the table and the Frenchwoman called again. Against A♥A against J♣J♠, Hirschfeld was unhelpful on the turn 7 and river 10, ultimately falling by the wayside.

Mateus Carrión, João Simão and Henrique Zanetti ha...

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