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Brazil suffers back-to-back losses in WSOP Online Mini Main Event FT

Brazil suffers back-to-back losses in WSOP Online...

In a tight final table, two Brazilian players suffered a crushing defeat in their battle for a bracelet in the WSOP Online Mini Main Event, being eliminated in less than an hour. Leandro Sousa was eliminated in the 6-a-side event, boosting his bankroll by $73,112. Bráulio Bianchetti, on the other hand, won $98,605 and finished fifth.

The two grinders confirmed their presence at the final table with less than 20 BBS. Even if they didn’t draw a big pot, they got three valuable raises. Bráulio, now isolated on the bottom, found 4♥4♣ and declared a 3-bet all-in with 4 BBS. Back in the action, Igor Kruzhalov called and showed K ФQ♠. The flop of 6♣J♣K♠ looked terrible for the Belo Horizonte player, but the river of 4♠ prevented his defeat.

At the same level, Leandro also went all-in preflop. With A♣Q against Tjarco Reitsma’s A♣4♥, he did not allow himself to be surprised by the advantage Q♠9♠2♥J♥K♣ and ensured survival.

But Leandro had no time to celebrate. On the next hand, he received K♠K♣ and declared a 4-bet all-in with 14 BBS. Ermo Kosk called and revealed A♣Q♣. Leandro had an 87% chance of doubling his stack on the 7♥9♥2♦ flop, but the Q♠ turn and Q ♦ river ended his journey.

The Zebras went wild further in the finals. . In a blind war, Bráulio defended the big hand and called Reitsma’s all-in, who held K♣7♣. With K ♦J Bráulio had the worst 10♠7♦9♠4♠5♥ on the board and was eliminated.

Brazilian tormentors Kosk and Reitsma were unable to stop Chinese rider Zhou Peng. He won the bracelet and $379,055 in stunning fashion.

Final result

1. Zhou Peng (China) $379,055

2. Tjarco Reitsma (Netherlands) $280,820

3. Ermo Kosk (Estonia) $208,166

4. Igor Kruzalov (Russia) $154,318

5. Bráulio Bianchetti (Brazil) $114,409

6. Leandro Sousa (Brazil) $84,830

7. Thomas Santerne (France) $62,908

8. Matthias Nachtigal (Germany) $46,660

9. Kungurtcev Artem (Russia) $34,618

Brazil suffers back-to-back losses in WSOP Online...

WSOP Online Mystery Million to Get $5 Satellite Seat

WSOP Online Mystery Million to Get $5 Satellite Se...

The next poker millionaire will soon be known. In the fourth edition of the WSOP Online, those who come to the GGPoker tables have the chance to win $1 million in Event 7: $210 NL Hold’em Mystery Millions.

The search for the coveted bounty will take place on Monday 28th at 3:00pm (BST) on Day 2 of the competition.

The first day of the Mystery Race Millions jackpot continues on the site’s gaming tables. There are several qualifying stages each day that you can enter by investing only $5, which is less than the buy-in fee for a Mega Satellite with 3 guaranteed seats.

Who Wants to Play in the Mystery Millions can cost you less if you choose the longer route, as buy-in increments are $2.50 and $3.

The Mystery Million offers a minimum prize of $10 million. 16,656 people have signed up so far.

WSOP Online Mystery Million to Get $5 Satellite Se...

EPT: Pablo Brito and Hyper Turbo KO Freezeout €10,150

EPT Barcelona: Pablo Brito misses out on title, bu...

Brazil have begun the EPT Barcelona and have shown their commitment to winning the title in this tournament. The Spanish city already has a strong squad and the first big results are already showing. Kropmans won the mystery bounty on Monday. Yesterday, Tuesday, it was the turn of star player Pablo Brito, who performed brilliantly.

The Bahia pro was very close to the title at the start of the race, but fell and finished as Hyper runner-up. Turbo KO Freezeout, a buy-in tournament worth €10,150. Still, the 9Tales star celebrated a good comeback for his account with his performance.

Learn more: Felipe Mojave clearly read his opponent’s hand, flopped Ace High and smiled: “You have a family.”

Pablo Brito competed in 21 events and ranked second, behind Atanas Malinov of Bulgaria. Despite finishing second, the Brazilian received the biggest prize of the tournament with €58,850 in prize money thanks to his performance. The winner received €45,250.

The star has taken advantage of the winnings received and is already looking forward to the €25,000 High Roller, which starts today and also features other Brazilians such as Felipe Keizer and Kelvin Cobb. Are there more results?

EPT Barcelona: Pablo Brito misses out on title, bu...

‘CtrlAltShove’ and Max Alves Double Down on $54 Bounty Hunter Main Event

'CtrlAltShove' and Max Alves Double Down on $54 Bo...

Brazilian players battle for the title in the WSOP Summer Circuit MTT on GGPoker on Sunday the 16th. In the $54 Bounty Hunters Main Event, victory comes early after the heads-up play is over. While “CtrlAltShove” took home $42,133, runner-up Max “Mexsteal” Alves took home $32,464. A total of 14,081 entrants participated in the tournament.

“Duzao” took first place out of 1,418 entries in the $320 GGMasters Freeze Competition. He received a total of $43,692. A few minutes earlier, “Racachu” had won $14,294 for 3 points.

Meanwhile, “AUGUSTTOLAS” won a bronze medal at the GGMasters for $150, a feat that netted him $32,976.

Diego “Dihh21” Costa finished on the podium for $21,807 after winning the $1,500 Prix Summer Circuit HR in Beim.

Also on the site, Felipe “papaide2” Lobato gave a shout-out to the $77 Lucky Sevens Superstack Turbo, winning $18,133. See other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeWSOPC High Roller: $1,050 Bounty Hunter America HR”Akariee” 1. $17,931 WSOPC Series: $125 Sunday HUNDRED STACK “jipuno” 2. $17,693WSOPC Series: $250 Sunday Summer Classic “KeepControl” 3 $16,894 WSOPC Series: $250 Sunday SAVER Hyper Turbo “Thomas Hejda” 2nd $13,913 #10: Global Million Dollar Mini Main Event “Jeffszera” 7th $13,377 HR “LisFlower” 1st $11,866 WSOPC-Series : $32.10 Sunday Bounty Summer King “Dneher” 1. $11,263 $10,075

'CtrlAltShove' and Max Alves Double Down on $54 Bo...

WSOP: Ryan Garcia Loses Main Event, Reveals Star Player Invitation

WSOP: Boxing prodigy Ryan Garcia out on Day 4 of M...

Ryan Garcia is a boxing legend. The 24-year-old is considered one of the fastest fighters working today with a 23-1 record. “King Ry” is another poker enthusiast and one of the sports stars joining Sergio Aguero and Richard Seymour in the WSOP 2023 Main Event.

Garcia had a fair amount of wins in her $10,000 debut. Watch the exciting moments of the game. He’s topped the TV charts at least twice, and was alongside Andre Akari on Day 3. After losing most of his chips, the boxer’s journey ended in the penultimate level on day four.

The American said he was held back by over 1 set and about 15 big blinds when he moved all-in with A3 and TTed. 2019 runner-up Dario Sammartino. The elimination table is 8766J. Garcia finished 566th out of a historic field of 10,043 entrants and took home $32,500 in prize money.

at In an interview with Jeff Platt shortly after leaving, the boxer spoke about his WSOP debut. “I think it’s a great moment. I’ve always hoped to be able to play and make big strides in the first game, and it’s a dream come true,” Ryan said. “Of course I want to win, but what can I do, set after set… you’re going to lose,” he added, remembering the hand that blocked his journey.

“It gave me” I have a lot (desire to stay in the poker world) because I’ve never had a coach in my life. I never learned it. I just watch videos on YouTube, it’s my instinct. I think I would be better off if I had a trainer,” added the boxer, who said he had an offer from a poker player.

In an interview, Garcia recalled. Can’t remember his last name, but said he met “a guy named Faraz”. Jeff Pratt told him it was Faraz Jaka, and Ryan said he suggested being his teacher. The boxer Expressed interest in the offer, but said he is now, he is more focused on his next tournament, which will be in October. Poker has won a great player again.

WSOP: Boxing prodigy Ryan Garcia out on Day 4 of M...

WSOP: Brazil quartet advance to penalty shootout

WSOP: Gustavo Mastelotto, Yuri Martins, Fabiano Ko...

One of the coolest tournaments in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) kicks off this Thursday (13). Event No. 85, worth $1,500, drew crowds for its penalty shootout format. There were quite a few Brazilians among the 987 entrants, but only 100 made it to the second round.

There are 4 Brazilian players among them. Gustavo Mastelotto (248,000), Yuri Martins (247,000), Fabiano Kovalski (245,000) and Allan Mello (242,000) are in Day 2 of the tournament and continue to fight for the WSOP bracelet. The good news is that none of them will split tables, which means they won’t be knocking each other out.

In qualifying, Ali Imsirovic, Adam Friedman, Faraz Faraz Jaka, Chino Rheem, Frank Funaro, Julian Pineda, Dinesh Alta and Brian Hastings, among others, are some of them. The player who gets a seat on the second day of the game.

The WSOP tournament returns this Friday at 2:00pm ET (10:00am Las Vegas). Blinds start at 2,000/4,000 with big blind antes. Players have a minimum ITM of $5,759, and the winner will take home a small prize of $237,367.

WSOP: Gustavo Mastelotto, Yuri Martins, Fabiano Ko...

Samuel Bernabéu Captures 16th WSOP Spanish Poker Bracelet

Samuel Bernabéu Captures 16th WSOP Spanish Poker B...

Samuel Bernabéu

The 2023 World Series of Poker is undoubtedly the pinnacle of poker in Spain.

To Double Ka Kwan Lau and Sergio Martinez in Event #57 $25,000 PLO High Roller Today will add a line with Samuel also winning in the tournament New bracelet signed by Bernabeu, Event #79 $2,500 NLHE, where the second Spanish finalist was Ramon Fernandez. Juan Marcellas has been the chip leader throughout the Main Event.

The shadow of the Main Event is long and thick. The 16th Spanish bracelet didn’t attract much attention until we saw Ramón Fernández and Samuel Bernabéu round out the top 10 on day 3 of the tournament , with only 25 survivors out of 2,068 players.

The reporters in the casino were all focused on the main event, and from a few glimpses around the corner where Event #79 was going on, Ramon seemed to be the only one arriving at the scene. At the final table, there was an 8bb battle between the two sides, but few arguments could divert attention from the main event shine.

Ramon’s double showed everyone that Samu was still there, wearing a hoodie and hat gift shop sweatshirt and sunglasses. Hidden away but made a lasting impression on the FT by eliminating the short stack.

Nothing will delay the moment to face the two Spaniards, maybe against Hu, but he will come anyway. Ramon (No. 7, $100,252) saw a clean hand on the button and used his worst range to steal and beat his compatriot on the SB with QQ.

We have two bad customers ahead of us. High roller Seth Davies started the day as a very good chip leader, but by then he was passed by a Bulgarian player who is well known in Spanish football. Zradine Penev.

The Spaniard beat off the Brazilian Diego Vaz with a dominant ace, while Davies disappeared breathlessly to catch up popular.

When the Bulgarian was in J95, Omero bluffed QT to make it 67. Neither was done, but Penev risked an air all-in on the river, hit our wider range of queens, and Samuel won the tournament by finding the call button.

Leading 4-1, Samuel was able to risk a flop to knock Penev out and not have to think about HU since he was dealt KK vs AQ, which paired him and James Anderson automatically before the flop.

Samuel Bernabéu Captures 16th WSOP Spanish Poker B...

KatChewMe Wins Winamax Mini WSOP 65

KatChewMe Wins Winamax Mini WSOP 65

The Regular Championship and Mini WSOP events were in the spotlight for Winamax .fres yesterday.

Wednesday France hosted 23five-figure grand prize tournaments for 483,000 Eurosprizes.

Four races awarded more than €5,000 to the winners.

  • BruLuxeFoulK” won €200 Battle Royale(6€,910.74).
  • Recebaaaa” won €50Prime Hour and received €5,881. 01.
  • Sour Mutt” won €6,890. 53 for winning the €250 HighRoller.
  • KatChewMe” won the WSOP 65 Mini: €50 NLHE 6-Max and took home the top prize of the day: € 8,952 ,48.

In terms of the prize pool, only 3races exceeded€30,000Jackpot:

  • Battle Royale (€33,000).
  • Golden Hour (€44,000).
  • Mini WSOP 65 (€45,000).

Here areWednesday’s best results:

  1. Alex06666 (€20 tea time. Prize pool: €2,938.29. Number of entries: 1,225. Prize pool: €22,050).
  2. AHHeT (Gladiator €50. Prize money: €3,477.83. Number of entries: 413. Prize pool: €18,585).
  3. Rodrigues96 (mystery KO. Prize money: €2,754.08. Number of entries: 1,306. Prize pool: €23,508).
  4. Rodrigues96 (mystery KO. Prize money: €2,754.08. Number of entries: 1,306. Prize pool: €23,508).
  5. Stiglitz97 (Monster Stack €10 (6:30pm). Prize pool: €2,227.97. Number of entries: 1,392. Prize pool: €12,528).
  6. StonedRonin (Guerrilla 5. Prize money: 1,368 €.40. Number of entries: 2,766. Prize pool: €12,447.
  7. Mandra_X (mystery KO. Prize money: €3,572.46. Number of entries: 505 .Prize Pool: €22,725).
  8. BruLuxeFoulK (Battle Royale 200. Price: €6,910.74. Realm: 181. Prize Pool: €33,304.
  9. 2&LastTry (La Fievre € 10. Prize money: 2,154.85 euros. Field: 1,315 euros. Prize pool: 11,835 euros.
  10. Hadron Chips (20 euros after hours. Prize money: 3,327.54 euros. Number of entries: 1,657. Prize pool: 29,826 euros) .
  11. Dodidody (mysterious KO. Prize money: 2,600.85 euros. Number of entries: 2,826. Prize pool: 25,434 euros).
  12. Recebaaaa (top 50 primetime. Prize money: 5,881.01 euros. Number of entries: 979. Prize pool: €44,055).
  13. WinaMasKk (Pour la Daronne 5 €. Prize money: €1,806.57. Venue: €3,824. Prize pool: €17,208).
  14. GTO_Animal (killing the people. Prize money: €1,837.87. Field: 1,617. Prize pool: €14,553).
  15. sourd muet (HighRoller €250. Prize money: €6,890.53. Number of entries: 111. Prize pool: €25,752 ).
  16. BrokeOfRozva (20 euros for pinball. Prize money: 2,149.97 euros. Number of entries: 837. Prize pool: 15,066 euros).
  17. Ch4mp4gne (Top 50. Prize money: 2,551.22 euros. Number of entries: 249. Prize pool: €11,205).
  18. Microdot (Ninja 10. Prize money: €2,279.62. Number of entries: 2,135. Prize pool: €19,215.
  19. Microdot ( Mystery KO. Prize money: €1,634.85. Number of entries: 605. Prize pool: €10,890).
  20. RAAmses (Rush Hour 50. Prize money: 3,222.49 euros. Number of entries: 368. Prize pool: €16,560).
  21. Qr5. (Mystery KO. Price: €2,216.92. Number of entries: 2,139. ​​Prize pool: €19,251).
  22. Cedric.B. (Nightclub 10. Prize money: €1,966.30. Number of entries: 1,669. Prize pool: €15,021).
  23. WSJAN2022 (Mini WSOP 64. Prize money: €2,688.56. Number of entries: 3,091. Prize pool: €16,691).
  24. KatChewMe (Mini WSOP 65. Prize money: €8,952.48. Number of entries: 1,016. Prize pool: €45,720).
  25. DAanswer_ (Mini WSOP 66. Prize money: €1,336.91. Number of entries: 529. Prize pool: €7,142).

KatChewMe Wins Winamax Mini WSOP 65

Americas Cardroom Releases Season 3 of Punter’s Pad

Americas Cardroom Introduces Season 3 of Punter's...

Cardroom of the Americas reality show returns. Punter’s Pad returns to YouTube for its third season. This time, the ACR Team Pros will be at the 2023 World Series of Poker, telling all the details and giving each other fun challenges.

The protagonists will be Ebony Kenney, Drew Gonzalez, Robert Kuhn, Jon Paddy and Ryan DePaul Who will have the funniest adventures and take their poker game to the highest level.

Punter’s Pad has been part of the Americas Cardroom family for three years. Now, in season three, a new story is coming Launch, just like the story you will see in the first episode.

Ready to watch?

Americas Cardroom Introduces Season 3 of Punter's...

[Video] Adrian Mateos’ Strategy in the WSOP Bubble

[Video] Adrian Mateos' Strategy in the WSOP Bubble

Adrian Mateos , the famous Spanish poker player will be participating in the latest episode of Pro’s Mind. Can he succeed?

With an impressive record of tournament wins and over $33 million in live earnings, Mateos has established himself as one of the greatest players of all time. His skill and determination have made him a fan favorite outside of the poker world.

In this special, Mateos takes on the challenge of a $10,000 buy-in event in a 6-max format. WSOP 2022. This episode showcases the Spaniard’s strategic moves and reveals his thought process and decision-making skills as he navigates shark-infested territory. He has 60 big blinds and is about to make money.

Mind of a ProGives viewers a unique look into the mind of a pro and showcases the emotional roller coaster ride that accompanies any high level. level championship. The episode highlighted Mateos’ extraordinary talent, but also the unpredictability of the game, where even the most seasoned players face tough challenges and unexpected opponents.

The Madrid native and stalwart Atlético de Madrid supporter is hoping to claim his honor as he continues his bid for the 2022 WSOP title. Poker fans and followers of Inside the Pro should not miss this exciting episode, which promises great games and exciting moments at the tables. So don’t wait any longer and hit the play button.

[Video] Adrian Mateos' Strategy in the WSOP Bubble

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