Playing poker is addictive. It makes you fall in love, fascinates you, and plays with you. The number of gaming enthusiasts who are captivated by it develops rapidly year after year. For Her Majesty the Game, hundreds of millions of people play, observe, learn theory, and read instructions from seasoned gamers. Everyone must confront their opponents and try their bluffing talents.

It was once called “the game of cheats,” but it’s no longer a game. It’s a mindset and lifestyle. Poker culture exists. It’s in movies and literature. Poker, unlike other gambling games, is a cultural phenomenon with its own rules and rituals. Its language, known only to the adept, is its own. Words thrown lightly during the game fly. Famous poker mastodons inspire beginners. Poker fans often use movie words in real life. Quotes from legendary players’ books! Poker provides life lessons, as all geniuses know.

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